Start Point

SummerSkills Brewery Start Point Beer

Golden with a clean and fresh nose. Sweet upfront with a delicate bitter finish. An excellent session ale.

Westward Ho!

SummerSkills Brewery Westward Ho Ale

Golden amber coloured refreshing beer. Initial light fruit taste followed by a zesty and fruity finish.

Devon Dew

SummerSkills Brewery Devon Dew Beer

Honey yellow with a floral, clean malty aroma. Sweet lemon upfront with a long grapefruit finish, mildly hopped.

Bolt Head

SummerSkills Brewery Bolt Head Beer

Ruby red premium beer. Sweet rum-like aroma, full fruit taste followed by an citrus orange finish.

Tamar Best Bitter

SummerSkills Brewery Tamar Best Bitterr

Copper ale with a malt-fruit aroma. Strong bitter-fruit taste with malt-roast backbone.

Indiana’s Bones

SummerSkills Brewery Indiana's Bones Beer

A rich dark winter warmer, soft chocolate in the mouth with characteristic Goldings aroma.