Home Delivery

I am continuing to work in partnership with the Foxhound at Brixton to deliver our beer to those of you who would like this service. Please send me an email to orders@summerskills.co.uk, a message through the Facebook page or phone me at the brewery on 01752 481283 with your name, address, phone number and DOB, along with what you would like. I can work out the price, agree that with you, Sharon at the Foxhound will ring you back to authorise the sale and take payment – she doesn’t want too many incoming phone calls – and I can then arrange delivery – roughly within a 10 mile radius of the brewery. I can offer a wide range of our bottled beers in whole or mixed cases, 5 litre bag-in-boxes plus pins of our beer if you can keep it cool and the oxygen out! There is a selection of products available to order online through the Brew2You app. I also have cider some from local producers.

Beer online!

A range of our bottled ales are available to purchase online with local delivery through Westcountry Produce.

Scrum – Half Nectar

Scrum-Half Nectar is an easy-drinking amber coloured beer brewed to coincide with the Six Nations tournament, using Cara Malt and English First Gold hops, 4.1% ABV.

Dragon Pioneer IPA

Easy drinking IPA brewed using Slovenian Dragon and English Pioneer hops. Available in cask and also in EcoKegs at the Fishermans Arms.

Centennial Pale Ale

To mark the start of the run up to the Mayflower 400 celebrations we have brewed this very drinkable beer with English First Gold and American Centennial hops.