Home Delivery

I now have an arrangement in place with the Foxhound at Brixton. If message me your name, address, phone number and DOB, along with what you would like I can work out the price, agree that with you and Sharon at the Foxhound will ring you back to authorise the sale and take payment – she doesn’t want too many incoming phone calls – and I can then arrange delivery within a reasonable distance from the brewery! I can offer a wide range of our bottled beers in whole or mixed cases, 5 litre mini kegs and bag-in-boxes (but I need to do 4 of one type of beer at a time) plus pins of our beer if you can keep it cool and the oxygen out! I also have cider from Hunts in 20 litre bag-in-box and bottles and also Countryman cider in a 20 litre BIB. If there is demand I can get more of these and also 3 litre cider pouches from Hunts. Rather than list everything it’s probably best if you message through Facebook or email norm@summerskills.co.uk and I’ll let you know what I can do.